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        noisy down pipe –
        we have a two-level townhouse in Adelaide, with main roof and then lower roof. The storm water pipe from the upper roof to the first level is metalbout 2m /6 ft,& very noisy when it rains as the outlet to the garage roof is near a bedroom window, keeps occupannt awake.

        At the moment, pipe is slightly off from vertical,wedged out from the wall with a door wedge, but not enough to solve the problem.

        I think it must need some sort of baffle, I’m thinking of a plastic chain perhaps, to break the fall of the water. I am concious of the need not to create a potential blockage however.

        any advice much appreciated . Email to <[email protected]>
        Thanks !

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          You do not give the pipe’s dimensions but a 90 degree curved turn installed at the bottom should change the waters pattern enough to eliminate or minimize the splashing sound.

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