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      We purchased our home
      3 years ago, not
      knowing we shared a
      main sewer line with
      the neighbor next
      door. The main sewer
      line runs through our
      side yard. Their
      house backed
      up…after much
      discussion (not all
      nice) the neighbor
      got off of the line
      and now has his own.
      Our problem now is
      that there are three
      huge root balls left
      in the main sewer
      line which belongs
      solely to us now.
      What would be the
      best way to attack
      this problem and I
      would think our
      neighbor would be
      responsible for this
      problem also. HIS
      tree is causing the
      root ball problem.

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      Video the sewer pipe find out WHERE the roots came in Use a locator to pin point ths defect. Have the line Rodded and then replace the bad section.

      Ta Dum

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      The long term solution may be to replace the sewer. If roots have penetrated in three spots, there certainly many other places where they have gotten a start also. These other locations will eventually become their own “root balls”. And until someone devises a way to tell trees to keep their roots and leaves on their own property, it is solely your problem. And even if the neighbor cut down the tree tomorrow, it would still be your problem 20 years from now.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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