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      Would anyone be interested in a “new” multipurpose camera that can be used in pipes? Cost $6500 tax ex…can handle 40mm straight runs, 50mm 90 degree bends up to 12″ dia pipes, full colour, fully portable!

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      No thank you. DID you know that MicroEngineering has a Duel headed camera that cost LESS than most other companies sell cameras for with a single head?

      Did you also know that MicroEngineering is not only owned buy an engineer BUT he developed every aspect of his camera and locators including their newest one with the self leveling head feature.

      Why don’t you read these articles I had the pleasure of writing on this web site


      If you want some great Information on Jetters also contact me any time.

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      Thanks for the info….being in Australia I have never even heard of that particular unit…these systems are ridiculously priced here and won’t let you do things like go around s-traps and p-traps in toilet pans, altho this new one will

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      so will the Micro PLUS it has a locator

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      I am very interested in this type of camera please fill me in with more details



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      I have been looking into the microenginering camera, my question is how flexible is the larger system and is the lighting as good as or better than a seesnake, also why do you personally rate this camera so high . do you have one and if so for how long. I have a plumbing business in Australia and therefore unable to see this camera in the flesh so to speak. Please fill me in with more details and if necessary we posible have a discussion over the phone.



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      MyTanya/MicroEngineering Camera Duel head is VERY Flexible

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