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      I am a homeowner in WI. and I would simply like to know if there is some kind of valve/assembly a plumber can install to prevent a backflow of solids/liquids from entering my basement. This occurs only during large-scale storms where, presumably, the municipal storm drains cannot handle all the runoff water and therefore backup into private homes. Is such a “one-way “valve available, and how can I find more about it?


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      Hello you came to the right place.

      What your looking for is called a “Back flow preventer” in other words a check valve and some times called among Crude circles a back water valve.
      The problem with the use of these devices they can fail when sediment or a rag gets caught by the flapper and they must be installed in front of the building house trap (If required) and they must be accessible for repair and maintenance.

      Another problem associated with a back water valve is you must inform anyone that you hire to rod your lines (snaking) that you indeed have this installed as a snake (wire) will get hung up coming back from it.

      Another draw back about a “check Valve” installed is that when it is doing its job preventing any city water from coming into your home it ALSO prevents any waste leaving as the “check” is holding everything back.

      You could look into the possibility of using a back water valve with a sewerage ejector that can actually force the check to open against the city water BUT this maybe in violation of local codes as your overloading the system considerably and forcing this waste into the public system.

      If you have inside leaders (storm drainage) and this check again You have no place for this storm water to exit except inside your home or over flow your floor drains or leader lines.

      IF you still opt for this kind of protection get one with a bronze flapper and let it be the partially open type to allow the free movement of fresh air through the drainage system to prevent gas pocket build up Good Luck.


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      Ken Zoeller

      There is an “automatic back flow water valve” designed just for what you need. That is the good news. The bad news is I do not know where you can get one. There is a patent on this device.(5,538,032) Go to this site and find the patent. Mr. Cook tried to sell us the Patent 3 yrs ago and we did not buy it. The last I heard of it it was being made by a Canada company.

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