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        Our home is twelve years old, and has three bathrooms. The kids moved out two years ago, so two of the bathrooms are very seldom used. Recently, we have noticed an odor coming from our sink and shower drains, especially when we run water through them. It’s not exactly a ‘sewer’ odor, but foul. A friend told us that sometimes unused drain pipes can develop a bacteria in the traps, and emit an odor. We have tried running water through them for two weeks. We poured ‘Draino’ down them, even bleach and baking soda. The odor is still there. There’s no doubt it’s coming from the drains. We are hooked onto public sewers, not septic. We’ve also checked with the neighbors, and they don’t have this problem. It’s definitely something in our drains.
        Can anyone give us advice on what to use or how to get this cleared out? THANKS!!!

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Forget Chemicals and Snake oil sales reps.

          What you most lightly have is scum build up on the piping walls and bacteria is growing there.

          The best way to get the smell out and also restore your piping to a like new condition, giving full flow while also flushing your system spotlessly clean is with a water Jetter cleaning

          Please check out this article



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          Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

            Try vinegar and baking soda on a regular basis for smells from P-Traps.

            The Local Plumber
            Tustin, California

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              We also had this problem in a cabin bathroom that was not used very often. The water heater turned out to be the problem although it was less than a year old. The plumber said it was the Anorod (spelling?)inside the water heater. The Anorod attracts minerals and keeps the inside of the water heater from rusting. This lets water heater companies offer longer warranties. When the shower/sink is not used frequently, the water in the heater “ferments” and gives off the bad odor when the shower/sink is finally used. His advise was to completely drain the heater, then let it refill with fresh water. Also turn the heater off when hot water wasn’t needed. You could also remove the Anorod completely which would solve the odor problem but reduce the lifespan of your water heater. He indicated the heater would last 2-3 years without the Anorod.

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