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      I live in Oklahoma
      I have a serious water problem when it rains
      I am planning to be in my home ~5 years
      Estimates for ~63 ft french drain systems have ranged from $1500-8600
      Any recommendation in choosing a person

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      John Aldrich1

      CBouvette, choose the contractor that will solve the problem permanently. Do not leave a “time bomb” for future owners of the house.

      If the $1,500 solution is a stop-gap measure, it is not the appropriate approach, especially if it fails and your house is flooded. The cost of a permanent solution to the drainage problem can be recouped upon the occasion of the sale of the house.

      I assume that the $8,600 system has many more “bells and whistles” incorporated in the design, and therefor has a higher price. These bells and whistles may, or may not be necessary to yield a system that is a permanent solution.

      The only way to determine which alternative to choose is to have a professional, with no vested interest in the project, compare the several designs and bids, and make a recommendation as to which alternative to choose.

      If the bid range is for the very same system, then choose the contractor that you feel will do the best job. Check out some references, and perhaps the Better Business Bureau. JWA

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      Make sure the contractors are talking the same job. I would look into hiring a water proofing/designing engineer (hydraulics) and have him/her give you a price for specifications for this problem. THEN hire a licensed and insured contractor.

      Now if this system should fail you have two folks to hang.

      The designing engineer WHO also should be licensed and of course the contractor if this contractor deviated from the specifications.

      Most good drainage designers will visit the job site as work is progressing.

      Good luck Send my best to OU my old hang out for ASME training.

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      There is an alternative to a French Drain. A good one I recently saw seems like a simple procedure for draining off excess water on your lawn.
      Check it at click on T.V. show and under May 26 is lawn drain click it to view.
      Good Luck.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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