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      need any info on grease traps. We are expanding our business and need to know if we need to ad a grease trap and what cost we are looking at?

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      Your local jurisdicion would be the one to decide if you need one, and then what size it would be. If you can isntall an above floor small model, you might get by for about $800.00 or so. If they require an external 700 gallon version, then you could be looking at thousands of dollars.

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      What type of material do you want your grease trap to be made of steel or cast Iron? Do you also want to have an acid Resistant coating inside/outside?

      Did you determine the cubic content of the fixtures by multiplying length width depth and the actual drainage load in fixture units. Are any floor drains being connected to this grease trap? Do your local codes figure a flow rate of one minute or two minutes?

      Why not do yourself a big favor and contact a licensed Master plumber to size this device and figure in possible future requirements and this way you wont be over sized or under sized as your fixture units demands.


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      In this part of the country, it makes no difference what a LMP decides for size. The city/county makes the final detemination and right now the minimum size is 600 gallons installed outside the building, but one city has upgraded to an 800 gallon minimum with a separate manhole cover on each of the three sections.

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      So in another words when I worked in a Church rectory kitchen with a one compartment sink and figured my actual drainage load and came up with a flow rate of 10 GPM and a grease capacity of 20 pounds (MAX) where I used a controlled flow rate so I could capture over 90% of the grease and or oils and I sized this grease trap 13″ 13″ with a 2″ inlet and outlet YOUR telling me that the min Grease trap I could use outside (no less) not as a point of use would be 600 gallons?

      Wow Using “YOUR AREA’S” reasoning I would tell the powers that be make EVERY SINGLE waste and soil line a min of 8″ just in case of future demands.

      I would love to meet the inspectors and plan readers in your neck of the woods and explain the facts of hydrolics to them. Please tell your “plumbing” officals that plumbing is based on fixture units and flow rates and capacity of the holding tanks NOT a one size fits all. Do these same idiots tell the plumbers that they must run a 6″ durham vent pipe to prevent possible hoarfrost in death valley?.

      Please tell the code officals that would even suggest this kind of plumbing to throw away their crayons and LEARN to size the grease trap properly by actual fixture units connected. Man this country sure has the pits when it comes to code officals huh? What a wild statement.

      Not every resturant either has to have this kind of large capacity for grease rentention if the designing plumber knows how to size the piping systems.. I could see NYC restaurant row where we have over 700 of these places all with in a 1/4 mile and every one had these huge tanks LOLOLOL.
      God bless Country bumpkins code officals. Do they still allow 2 SEAT out houses LOL AMAZING how one size fits all


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