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        We are renting a home that has had problems with sewer gas smells. The owner attributed this to living in the country and septic systems.
        After inspecting the attic I found that a sloped roof was built over a n almost flat roof and the vent pipes were sawed off and never extended through the new roof. Is this a safety hazard?
        The home owner is very unresponsive on this.
        Thanks Mark Posten

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          Mark, the sewer gasses being vented into the attic of the home you are renting are not only obnoxious, but they pose a threat to your health, and your life. Methane is one of the gasses produced in a septic tank, and it is potentially explosive.

          Perhaps the home owner will be more responsive to your plight if he understands that the roof of his rental could be “blown off” as a result of a methane explosion.

          I suggest that you send a copy of this response to your inquiry to the home owner with a letter of concern, and a request that the sewer vent system be repaired immediately by a licensed plumber. This is a serious, immediate threat, and the vent system must be repaired properly. JWA

          John W. Aldrich
          Septic System Consultant
          P.O. Box 205
          Timnath, Colorado 80547
          [email protected]
          (970) 482 7460

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