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      Trev wrote on 21 April 2000 at 07:49 AM:
      In reply to SyivanlMP from the other day.
      1. I have two hot water tanks in the house. Both are 135L. One is situated in the middle of the house and the other down in the garage. Both tanks are connected by pipes under the house. From looking at the pipes under the house it looks like both tanks can prov hot water to anywhere in the house.

      2. The house is a single storey house.

      3. The pipes are all under the house. Most pipes are 20cm thick with the hot water pipes have the odd pipe of 15cm. The hot water pipes are a mixture of both.

      4. All pipes, hot and cold, are copper.

      5. I am on city water and do not have a well.

      6. I am not too sure what a pressure booster is. From looking up and under the house I cannot see anything that looks anything like a pressure booster. There are valves at the top of both tanks. Under the house there are also a few taps to turn the water off. There are also a number of what looks like more valves with small taps on the bottom.

      7. By return circulation line I take it that you mean in and out??. The cold water enters from the top and the hot exits from the bottom. The top pipe ends up splitting three ways. I cannot see where they go.

      8. I am not sure what Globe, ball, or check valve are.

      9. It has been happening since we moved into the house last year.

      I hope that the above info is of some help and you are able to help.

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      If the water heaters are provided with an unrestricted flow of water, you will get the same pressure in the hot water faucet as you do in the cold water. Since this is not happening, that means the flow to the water heater is restricted. One spot that is common to the water heater and all the faucets is the shut off valve to the water heater. They have a tendency to break and then the gate drops across the water flow and only allows the amount of water that can work its way around the obstruction to flow to the faucets.

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