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        I am in the process of having my basement finished in order to gain some much needed child play space. The contractor is covering up an existing floor drain in order to level the floor. The furnace drain hose will still feed into this drain via a pvc pipe running into it through the new concrete patch. I plan to lay carpet tiles over the concrete basement floor.

        Am I making a mistake by covering this drain? The basement is bone dry & there is another drain in an unfinished portion of the basement. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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          What Furnace has a T&P Valve?
          California SURE has some STRANGE laws. Most of the “furnaces” that I have seen have a high limit control. Where does this “furnace” get the water from to activate the T&P?

          I have seen an operating controllers and even a high limit controller BUT a T&P that is AMAZING.

          I think I had better learn something about this profession before I make a foolish statement.

          By the way THERE IS NO SUCH THING as over protection even if there is NO WATER in a furnance you never know.

          That drain is probably there per code, check with local authorities.
          An existing drain is a good reason why it stays bone dry, remove it and you may have a wet surprise one day.
          I am more concerned about a plastic line running from the furnace T&P valve. If this pipe were ever needed, it could pose a health and safety hazard to children playing close by. Have this pipe changed to either copper tubing or galvanized steel.
          The Local Plumber
          Tustin, California

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