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      My sump pump runs every 2 hours and it seems that the level in the sump does not go down after the pump has discharged the water. I could see the water rising back up. I see that the check valve is working and it closes properly. Could this be I have a high water level?
      Any recommendations?

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      If you have an adjustable float, you should try to adjust it to a higher level in the pit. It may reduce the number of pumping cycles. Also if you depend on this pump to prevent property damage it might be wise to have a secondary pump (they always seem to go out when you need them the most).

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      Thanks. I will take the recommendation and try it out. The float has a plast line attached to it and it is anchored by a screw. If I loosen the screw I can push the float line out. I assume that will cause a higher water level before the pump activates but that’s alright by me. Thanks again!

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