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      What is the best way to solve my toilet flange dilemma? I have 4″ service weight (SV) cast iron waste plumbing. I am remodeling my bathroom. Was forced to really due to leaky toilet flange and ruined subfloor. All of this is due to the previous owner’s attempts at resolving a similar problem years ago.
      The existing plumbing exists as follows:
      From a 45 deg Y on the main stack a short piece of 4″ cast (9 inches) extends to a 45 deg bend with a hub or “bell” at the top. In the bell was a leaded in pipe with a lead sleeve to which a brass flange was soldered. The lead sleeve is ruined and the brass flange is removed now. I have a section of the floor removed and have access from below. Is there a way to convert to plastic? Are there toilet flanges available that fit into a cast iron hub if I can get the old stuff out of the hub?

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      You have a good QUIET cast iron system why ruin it with plastic garbage?

      All you have to do is get a fire extinguisher and melt the lead type “D” off the brass ferrule that is caulked into the bell of this cast iron hub. Then get No Hub Cast Iron coupling and a short piece of NH pipe and a “Quick SET” no hub Cast Iron floor flange.

      This is the BEST and easiest way to do it. Ta Dum


Viewing 1 reply thread
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