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        I am currently converting steam to hot water baseboard with 3/4 copper Slant/Fin 30. Do I need to install a vent at the highest point of each zone, or will the circulator pump and air scoop take care of the air in the system? Each zone is a series-loop installation. Thanks in advance for any input…

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        Avatar photoArt_xyz

          It’s a good idea to install a loose key air valve at each drop on the far end of each section of baseboard radiation (do not use any automatic vents on the baseboard). However if you install a purging set-up it’s not absolutely necessary to have the air valves (though still a good idea).

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          Avatar photojack spotz

            when i replace a boiler, i really never even see if the baseboard has air vents or not. if you pipe the boiler correctly, position the pump so it is “pumping away” from the expansion tank and boiler, and also buy yourself a spirovent, you should never manually bleed a baseboard again. ( p.s. the spirovent is a micro-bubble resorber which replaces the hardly effective air scoop) e-mail me for more info jack

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