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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I was replacing the wax seal when the flange broke where the bolts go in. Is there any way to replace or repair? I live in a slab house-no basement.

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        Avatar photojack spotz

          shazam! i haven’t heard that since Andy reruns. your gonna have to live without the flange, but dont worry, all is not lost. you need to drill and anchor the floor. most hardware stores have a tamp-in lead anchor that can handle water. get ones threaded 1/4-20. then purchace some 1/4-20 solid brass all thread rod for toilet anchors. if theres other cavities there patch with hydraulic cement. do a dry set on the toilet(no wax) to make sure theres no wobble and the bots(on 6″ centers) fit. fix the wobble by shimming so toilet sits solid them set the thing. it may sound involved but it will last for YEARS. good luck! jack

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            No problem BUT you didn’t give any good information. So lets play the guessing game a little.

            1- If this is cast Iron piping OR 4″ Galvanized steel all you have to do is get a 4″ cast Iron caulked floor flange and pour the joint using lead and oakum. (1″ of lead depth)

            2- Now lets guess its lead pipe drainage “D” You can get a deep brass floor flange and lead wipe it to the existing pipe AFTER removing the old one of course. OR you can make a “cup joint” to extend the lead pipe to the original height

            3- Lets Guess it is plastic garbage you have. Then all you need to do is get an inside cutter and cut out just below the existing flange and then go with a “Quick Set” Cast Iron compression floor flange.They come in several heights 2″-4″ and 3 or 4″ dia

            4- You can also sleeve this pipe with a 4″ lead pipe with a brass Floor flange already lead wiped to it and then use a tool to expand the lead after it is set.

            One thing is for certain You certainly want to make whatever connection water and gas tight OTHER wise you will have one hell of a breeding place for not only bacteria but those great flies that you must have read about. If your in doubt hire an a master Plumber and ask to see his/her license. FECAL matter is not something you want to take a chance of not going down the drain.

            About drilling a flange to the slab and not making a really gas /water tight connection to the toilet is just asking for trouble.

            Have fun.


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            Avatar photojack spotz

              jeeze sylvan, i didn’t tell tell shazam here to remove the old flange, just to use a different and equally effective way of mounting the bolts since he snapped off one ears and cant use flange type bolts. THE FLANGE IS STILL THERE.

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