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      Is it possible to have a garbage disposal with a septic tank. We just bought a house in an unincoporated area, have well water and septic tank. We also have 2 dogs and I can’t stand putting the garbage in the waste basket – I’d love to have a disposal. If it only means emptying the tank more often that’s OK. Would you also suggest the size of disposal?
      Thank you very much.
      Mary Hilton

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      jack spotz

      Mary, yes! you sure can have a disposal on a septic tank with no problems. thats just one of those old myths that didn’t go away. if your really concerned i.s.e.(in-sink-erator) just invented a disposer just for homeowners with septic tanks. the have admitted that it wasn’t really necessary, its a sales tool for customers who’ve heard the rumor. it actually injects some kind of septic system helper every time you run the disposer. i live in the country too, i have an I.S.E.333SS PRO disposer, its my #1 seller for good reason. it is sooo quiet i’ve had ladies not believe it’s running while they’re sitting at their kitchen table. it has a high (3/4) h.p motor and an all stainless steel grind chamber, they work great for many many years. you can visit for details. jack

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