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      Avatar photomartyn white

        We woke up today with a terrible sewer gas smell in the entire house, but it was worse in the upstairs bathroom and MUCH MUCH worse in the basement bathroom. The basement bath is rarely used. I have noticed that in the basement bathroom , if you open the door on the cabinet for the sink, it always has a faint sewer smell… but now the smell is much worse! It has been raining quite a bit this week, i dont know if that is a factor or not. Do you suggest anything to help?
        This faint smell didnt start until after the sink was installed. When we moved in the drain was capped and we had a friend intall the plumbing for the sink. I dont know if improper venting is a factor, or even how to see if itis or not.

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        Avatar photodaveroconn

          Did your friend who installed the sink use a pipe trap? A pipe trap is a portion of the drain that goes lower than the connection to the drain on the wall. Do you have any other pipe traps in the house that may have dried so that there is no water in the trap. Run all of your faucets/showers drains. If answers are all no I would call a plumber

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          Avatar photojack spotz

            i couldn’t possibly post all the different sources of sewer gas that can possibly enter a home. nasty stuff though and you don’t want to be living that way. do call the man, dont mess with this one. your plumber will make this look easy. good luck, jack

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