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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        My problem is that we have a septic odor outside our house which seems like it’s coming from the vent on the roof.We know it’s not coming from the ground.Please let me know how to solve this and who I would call to do the work plumber or a septic company.I appreciate any input you can pass on to me about this,thank you,Diane Magnussen

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          Dianne, if the odor is coming from the roof vent, simply purchase, and install a “Sweet Air” activated carbon vent filter on all the sewer vents on the roof. These devices can be obtained from Richard Septic Systems, Inc. of Torrington, Connecticut. Jim Richard will send the appropriate size filter anywhere, via UPS. You can view the filter on Jim’s webpage.

          When you get the main page, click on accessories. I have purchased, and installed several of these filters with complete success in eliminating the odors eminating from my clients roof vents. If you don’t have the capability, or if you are uncomfortable about installing the filter yourself, call a local septic system installer to accomplish the work.

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          Avatar photoGuest

            John,It has taken me awhile to get back to you,but I would like to thank you for the advice about Sweet Air.We no longer have the odor from the vent,it works like magic.I do have another problem I’m not sure you can help us with,but I’ll ask anyway.Our home is a Gambrel design which happens to have the living room on the bottom level,kitchen and bath up.We are trying to diminish the sound of the toilet noise which can be heard in the living room.We were told to buy and install sheets of styrofoam insulation which we have installed into the closet which is below the bathroom,it can still be heard.Any ideas,Thanks in advance,Diane

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            Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

              Diane, I am glad that the Sweet Air Vent Filter has solved the odor problem. I have no suggestions on how to eliminate the sound of a flushed toilet. Perhaps a Licensed Master Plumber could shed some light on the subject. Hey, Sylvan, got any suggestions to solve the toilet noise problem that Diane has described? JWA

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              Avatar photoGuest

                john a. why not solve the problem first?the lady said she had odor coming from roof vents. you say this is normal but i say hogwash!it is pretty obvious that the air pressure within the system has been disrupted.lets try and fix the problem by being a master plumber instead of being a master salesman.

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                Avatar photoGuest

                  I have had the same problem with the vents on the roof of my house. (from the day it was built only two years ago) Would really appreciate some advice on how it can be fixed , particularly more on the air pressure solution.

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                  Avatar photoWallingford Plm+Htg

                    Rock cannot be a plumber if he thinks that odors coming from a roof vent is unusual.These vents are just doing their job.

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                    Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

                      Dianne, erocksr, Dis, and Wallingford Plm + Htg,

                      Dianne, thank you for expressing your appreciation of my response to your inquiry regarding the problem of sewer gas odors emanating from the roof vents of your home into your yard. It is not often that we hear back from the folks posting inquiries to the MasterPlumbers.Com Bulletin Board after the problem has been solved.

                      erocksr, first of all, please read Dianne’s response regarding the success that she obtained in using the Sweet Air Filters on the roof vents of her home. The roof vents serve a dual purpose. The primary purpose of the vent is to allow air back into the plumbing system to avoid siphoning of the water from the traps in the drains of the water using fixtures in the house. The purpose of the traps is to prevent the odorous gasses from coming into the house. The secondary purpose is to allow the odorous gasses, created by anaerobic microbial digestion in the septic tank or the sewage collection system, to be released to the atmosphere above the roof of the home. No Hogwash about it.

                      Secondly, I am not a Master Plumber, nor am I a Master Salesman. I am a Septic System Consultant with an interest in assisting homeowners that are experiencing problems with their septic systems. I have no financial interest in the “Sweet Air” Company, nor in Richard Septic Systems, and receive no compensation for advocating the use of their products.

                      Lastly, if you are a Master Plumber, then suggest a solution to Dianne’s second problem of a noisy toilet.

                      Dis, if you are experiencing the same odor problem that Dianne was experiencing, then I suggest that you also employ the use of the “Sweet Air” Carbon Activated Filters. These odors are not the result of an “air pressure” problem.

                      Wallingford Plm + Htg., thank you for your insightful response to erocksr’s incorrect understanding of the purpose of the venting system. JWA

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                      Avatar photoSue44


                        You suggested the sweet air filters a couple months ago, we also had a plumber/drain expert out and he felt the odor was coming from the vents on the roof. Since we put filters on all the vents, the odors have ceased!

                        Thank God for the internet and people like you who are helping others!

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