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      I read the questions and responses regarding a sewer backup. We have a similar problem in our 10 building condominium
      association. We have had numerous backups in four buildings over the past year. The problems do not seem to be weather
      related. When the plumber is called he is not able to find any problem. We have used lighted camera run through the drains in
      three of these building but again nothing is found. Without being able to find out what the problem is, it is virtually certain
      that we will be calling the clean up squad and replacing carpet again and again. Do you have any idea what the problem might
      Thanks for your help.

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      If you used a video inspection and found nothing amiss, then the next best thing is to have your licensed plumbing contractor use a “retriving” head on your next stoppage. This will bring back the cause of the stoppage (hopefully).

      A lot of times it is something as simple as a pamper/sanitary napkins that can cause severe blockages.

      You many also want to find the exact place the blockage occurs as this could be either an improperly caulked joint (Cast Iron Bell and spigot) Or possible pipe settling which can cause a slight belly or back pitch.

      Depending how often this happens you may want to have this system hydro jetted once a year to remove possible grease build up from washing machine and kitchen line discharges. Preventive cleaning
      ( NO DARN Chemicals) If Anyone pushes chemical treatment RUN LIKE HELL from them. Good luck


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      jack spotz

      are you sure the public sewer doesnt have a possible intermittent backup problem? you in a valley or flat spot or on a hill? are the appts. that have the lowest ones? stopped drains dont just go away again and again. i’d be looking past your system. just a thought.

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