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      I would like help with information regarding what I should do to get water out of my lawn. The lawn is flush with my house and so I have no run off. How, and what would I use as regards drainage pipe and connecting to my existing drainage system of standard down pipes from gutter.

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      John Aldrich1

      Steve Peel, check out a relatively new product called RainStore3, or another called DrainCore2 manufactured by Invisible Structures of Aurora, Colorado. Their web site address is:

      I am designing a leach field system by stacking 3 layers of the RainStore3 product which will be covered by a layer of geotextile on the top, 2 sides, and the ends.
      The products unique design places the “ring and grid” plastic entirely in compression rather than bending, or tension, resulting in H-25 loading, and high void storage volume of 94%. Both products are made from 100% recycled plastic.

      I have no vested interest in this product other than utilizing it in my septic system, and drainage system designs. JWA

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