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      I have an old pedestal lav. (c. 1904) which was installed improperly in my bathroom. The top is not mounted to the wall, which allows the top to rock and has caused the sewer pipe to break (or at least crack and leak) right where it enters the floor. I’m going to repair the sewer pipe, but the real issue is installing the sink correctly. The sink can’t be mounted flush against the wall because the pedestal interferes with the location of the drain (the base of the pedestal doesn’t have a relieved area for the sewer pipe). Is there a simple way to move a floor drain just a couple inches (closer or further from the wall doesn’t matter) without using much vertical distance?

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      It is an interesting question, since the drain is not supposed to go to a floor drain, but rather to an opening in the wall. Since it is not done properly now, I suppose you can do anything you want to make it fit.

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      Many pedistal basins were not intended to be installed tight to the wall. They would be appx. 3″ of, and have brackets on the underside of the bowl which anchored to the wall. To prevent the bowl from rocking on the pedistal you should seal the joint with Plaster-of-Paris or tile grout. As for the drain pipe I’m guessing you have a chrome S-trap which is rotted out at the floor. If the pipe is soldered into lead pipe you will have to call a qualified Plumber to repair. If it is connected to a drain with a slip nut, just take off the nut and install your new trap.

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      A lot of fixtures have the drain installed like this sink, for example a toilet has its “drain pipe Below the floor”. A urinal has its drain pipe installed below the floor / A floor drain has its drain / trap pipe below the floor so does a shower and most bath tubs and many, many sinks. These connections are NOT improperly installed as long as there is a trap and vent connection. The problem is the bracket is not supporting the weight of this fixture and thus putting a strain on the existing piping. Now 1st things first have a Licensed plumber re install a bracket properly. Then this licensed plumber can remove te small corrroded section of waste piping entering the floor and install a No Hub /mission coupling ( NOT FERNCO CRAP) and depending on the size of the extisting waste pipe (normally 11/2″ for a Lav) you can have your plumber install a 11/2 PIPE size by 11/4 Tublar Mission coupling. Again depending on the size and condition of your existing piping. If it is an 11/2″ lead pipe/trap just below the floor a decient plumber can lead wipe or solder a brass ferrule into this inlet pipe and make any of several types of connections.
      Good Luck SylvanLMP


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