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        My home is 25 years old with some of the pipe being galvanized. I have just had my second floor bathroom redone complete with new tub, toilet and sink. The toilet runs fine, the sink line was snaked out and now runs fine, the only problem is still the slow tub drain. A new pipe was installed connecting the drain of the tub to the remaining drain pipe down by the first floor bathroom, but it still runs slow. I have heard good and bad about using Clobber and Draino type products, so basically what are my choices to solve the slow drain? Can I
        1) blow out the main trap in the basement?
        2) snake the tub?
        3) Try the clobber anyway?
        4) all or none of the above
        I would appreciate any suggestions. You can also email me at [email protected]

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Snaking out a galvanized waste line 25 years old is not uncommon BUT unfortuntly snaking is only going to remove hair and some debris BUT not the soap scum build up of years of accumlation.

          Picture pushing your finger in chocolate pudding like it being a snake. See how it bores a hole BUT as soon as your finger is retracted it closes up? SAME AS soap build up ( harding of the arteries ) The best way to remove years of this build up is water jetting. Using any chemicalsis always risky and NORMALLY a waste of money ( see my article on chemicls in Plumbviews top and bottom of this web page click on it)

          Unfortuntly some of the franchises DONT really train their personal properly as 6 weeks or even 12 weeks cannot make a mechanic/ journeyman.

          Your best bet is to hire either a licensed drain cleaning company or a Master plumber and DEMAND to see the license of the person actually doing the job, not some guy sitting in an office chomping on a cigar “covering” this dude

          Clobber is a GREAT drain cleaning chemical, but if used improperly will not only cause severe burns but can blind you in a heart beat.

          The Acidic smell of this chemical can make breathing very difficult and you can also get a very violent reaction to certain house hold chemicals which also maybe present in the drain.

          Clobber does generate a lot of heat and in old piping I would be leary of its use. As far as ANY chemicals sold over the counter in a food store FORGET ABOUT IT save your money and time.

          Your better off buying a plunger or a WET dry vacuum and sucking the drains clean.

          Again if a drain/ sewer or soil line is properly cleaned you can have many years of trouble free service . DONOT be suckered into a “service contract” or a chemical dependency from some “tech” looking for commissions selling you snake oils. Good luck


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          Avatar photohj


            If someone “demanded” to see my license, I might be inclined to suddenly have a more important job, figuring that he/she is going to be a troublesome customer. I have shown my license to exactly two people in the past 50 years, and one of those was my Business Agent 40 years ago.

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            Avatar photoGuest

              You can use Bacteria Concepts’ DB-X100 on a regular basis to keep drain lines free-flowing and choke free. DB-X100 contains safe bacteria that eat up the organic waste build-ups in the drain pipes. Since the organics in the pipes are degraded, the source of any bad odors is also removed.

              We encourage you to contact us to order some product as a cost effective
              means to solve the problem.

              You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use the product to
              solve any problems you may be facing.

              Bacteria Concepts manufactures the highest quality bacterial products on the
              market. Each contains a scientific blend of multiple strains of naturally
              occurring active bacteria, which function precisely to solve a specific
              problem. The blend is synergistic, which means that all strains are
              compatible with each other and compliment each others activity. The strains
              are chosen to be highly resistant to disinfectants, sanitizers, and to hot
              water. This feature permits their use in any normal home, commercial or
              industrial environment without imposing undo restrictions on accepted
              methods or on personnel. All bacteria strains used are non-pathogenic (i.e.
              they do not cause disease) and thus, will not harm humans and pets.

              Bacteria Concepts products are non-toxic, biodegradable and hence,
              environmentally friendly.

              Best regards,

              Customer Service

              Bacteria Concepts, Inc.
              1400 Brook Drive
              Downers Grove, IL 60515-1025
              Toll free in U.S.A.: 1-877-BCI-DRBUG (1-877-224-3728)
              Tel: (630) 261-0061
              Fax: (630) 261-0064
              Corporate e-mail: [email protected]
              Web site:

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              Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                oxideHJ consider the fact when youEARNED your license you had to take several tests correct? Today some franchises hire duds off the street and give them the title of TECH. I kow when I went through my 5 years of apprenticeship training I was qualified as a “journeyman” and after ANOTHER 5 years working in the field under the direct employ of a master plumber I was able to take my own Masters test and pass it. ASKING A plumber co for his a license AND certificate of insurance is just common sense and good business practices. Today even getting into a LEGAL taxi cab you see the drivers name and license number DONT you think the public has a right to know that the person fiddling with their LIVES (gas / potable water/ heating) should also be qualified?

                HJ you of all people should know that over 10,000 people die each year from faulty plumbing jobs that result in carbon monoxide poisioning. How many cross connections. Have you ever seen being performed by the unskilled dabbling in this profession?

                When you go to your doctors office DONT you see his/her license? Why should YOU be insulted if the public cares enough to hire the best qualified as possible? Good luck

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                Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                  RE: “Chemicals” for Drain cleaning. DUH Please SAVE your money. Read this 1st

                  Then decide if you want to go to your local food store to buy drain cleaners


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