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      We bought our house 4 years ago. About a year after we moved in, we noticed that when we run the washing machine on the spin cycle the toilet downstairs (almost right below it) bubbles up with big air bubbles. It got so bad about 2 months ago, that we had a septic company come out and clean out our tanks. There was a blockage in the line from the house into the septic. He poked at the end of the line and all the water that had been sitting in the house drained into the tank. Once he cleaned everything out, the washing machine and toilet worked fine. No air bubbles etc. Until today! I started a load of laundry…when the spin cycle came on there were big bursts of air coming out from the toilet. Once the washer stopped, I flushed the toilet to get the “air” going in the right direction. It came close to overflowing a couple of times, each time I had to turn off the water supply. I used a plunger and noticed that I heard air in the bathroom sink each time I plunged. Anyway, got the air going in the right direction and the toilet now flushes fine.

      I noticed a posting about the lint from the washing machine causing trouble. We don’t have a machine that has a place to remove lint. Could this be the problem? It almost seems like a vent is clogged up so the air has no where to go.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      stacie hinrichs

      we had the same symptoms. Our house was built in 1965 and a product called Orangeburg sewer pipe was used to connect the house to the sewer in the street. This product became compressed over time and it collapsed so that the sewage could not drain. We have had to replace the entire run of pipe from our house to the street! This Orangeburg pipe looks like layers of tarpaper-like stuff. It’s hard to believe looking at it today, that anyone would have had any confidence in it. Might be something to consider in your case. Good luck.

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