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      I want to build a trailer park but don’t know where to get information on sizing the septic system. I would like to get it off the net, but a book would also do. Any suggestions?

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      John Aldrich1

      Ron, I suggest that you rethink your choice of sewage treatment technology for your mobile home park. Instead of centralizing the primary treatment facility, it is better to accomplish the primary treatment in several septic tanks, collect the treated effluent, and treat the septic tank effluent in subsurface flow constructed wetland filters, with final disposal of the wetland effluent in a soil absorption system, or subsurface sand filter. There are many advantages to utilizing this decentralized approach to sewage treatment. If you have an interest in obtaining additional information regarding this alternative technology, contact me via e-mail. JWA
      John W. Aldrich
      Septic System Consultant
      Timnath, Colorado

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