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        sometimes my toilet flushes-sometimes it doesn’t, but the main problem is that my backyard, where the grease trap is stays wet. sometimes you can see the water coming up from the ground. the odor is horrible. yet where the septic tank is-the ground is fine. i dug up the grease trap and it is full of water. i’m thinking the line from the trap to the septic tank is blocked, my husband says no–any ideas?

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          a true grease trap has to be full of water otherwise it cannot function. But a toilet never goes through a grease trap, so that cannot be the cause of not flushing.

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            a grease trap is for the kitchen sink and may have it’s own drainfield, it may not be conected to the septic tank. If the problem of your tiolet not always flushing, along with the area around the septic tank always being wet, sound like you have a hydralic overload on your drainfield, too much water use. If the toilet don’t flush after several loads of laundry or several showers than you need to cut down on your water use, or get a larger drainfield

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