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      we have been noticing a “smell” in the basement, sewer gas we’re thinking. our house is grade level entrance,
      so that’s what welcomes us when we walk in sometimes. we just had the tank pumped and the lines cleared last year. we
      have only lived in this house for a year and have alway noticed this odor. we keep the traps filled with water, we
      even tried covering them. what can we do? it really is offensive.

      thanks for your time

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      Dear Yvonne,

      The odors may be a backup of gases from your septic tank. If this is the
      case, this problem can be easily and cost effectively solved by the use of
      Bacteria Concepts’ SEPTI-MATE and SEPTI-SHOCK.

      When used on a regular basis, these products help to greatly reduce or
      eliminate bad odors from the septic tank, slows down the sludge build-up
      process, maintains proper biological activity of the septic tank and where
      applicable, keeps leach fields free-flowing. Thus, the source of the problem
      is targeted.

      If the odors are caused by organic waste build-ups in the drain pipes, you
      can use Bacteria Concepts’ DB-X100 on a regular basis to keep drain
      free-flowing and choke free. Since the live bacteria in DB-X100 degrade the
      organics in the pipes, the source of bad odors is also removed. For regular
      maintenance, a dosage of about 2 – 4oz. (60 – 120ml) needs to be applied
      into affected drain pipes, two to three times a week.

      We encourage you to contact us to order some product as a cost effective
      means to solve the problem.

      You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use the product to
      solve any problems you may be facing.

      Bacteria Concepts manufactures the highest quality bacterial products on the
      market. Each contains a scientific blend of multiple strains of naturally
      occurring active bacteria, which function precisely to solve a specific
      problem. The blend is synergistic, which means that all strains are
      compatible with each other and compliment each others activity. The strains
      are chosen to be highly resistant to disinfectants, sanitizers, and to hot
      water. This feature permits their use in any normal home, commercial or
      industrial environment without imposing undo restrictions on accepted
      methods or on personnel. All bacteria strains used are non-pathogenic (i.e.
      they do not cause disease) and thus, will not harm humans and pets.

      Bacteria Concepts products are non-toxic, biodegradable and hence,
      environmentally friendly.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service

      Bacteria Concepts, Inc.
      1400 Brook Drive
      Downers Grove, IL 60515-1025
      Toll free in U.S.A.: 1-877-BCI-DRBUG (1-877-224-3728)
      Tel: (630) 261-0061
      Fax: (630) 261-0064
      Corporate e-mail:
      Web site:

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      John Aldrich1

      Yvonne, the “source of the problem” you are experiencing is a leak in the vent system of your home. The gases that are produced by the bacteria, and other microbes, in the digestion process are a natural by-product of a properly functioning, anaerobic septic tank. The vent system is designed to conduct all of the gasses produced in the system to above the roof of the home.

      Some gasses, which are ODORLESS but very dangerous, are produced in the anaerobic microbial digestion of organic material, such as methane. It is hard for me to believe that a selected blend of certain strains of bacteria will consume all the organic matter in the sewage flow, and not produce odorous, nor odorless yet dangerous gasses as a by-product of digestion. Even if the frequent innoculation of the system with septic system additives eliminates, OR REDUCES, bad odors from the septic tank, the practice is akin to placing a bandaid on a broken arm.

      Call a plumber, and have the leak in the vent system found, and repaired.

      The claims made by companies marketing bacterial innoculants, and enzymes may be valid, and true, however, there has yet to be controlled studies, or experiments conducted to prove the claims. They may have a wheelbarrow full of testimonials from satisfied customers, but until scientific proof of the value in using the product is established, I will decline to recommend, or purchase these products. JWA

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      John Aldrich1

      In addition to the above comments, I do not trust the veracity of anyone who will not sign their name on their correspondence. Just exactly who is “Customer Service.”

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