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        We really could use some help. We noticed septic odor that started about mid june. It would come and go. Last month it came and didn’t go. We had been adding the bacteria but did not work. We had the tank pumped. WE are still getting the odor and it seems worse now . It is so disheartening as I am sure many of you know. It does not seem to come from any of the p Traps though. We have no plumbing upstairs and the odor seems to be strongest in the attic??? If you could help us I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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          We have had a similar problem and we think (hope) we now have it solved. We only get
          the smell when the leaves have fallen. We think the wind currents are pushing the gases
          from our vents up the roof and into the ridge vent into the attic. Once there, they work
          their way down a plumbing chase to our foyer. Our house is in a heavily wooded area on
          a north-south slope. If this helps please let us know.

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