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        I have been getting quite a few calls to clear blocked stormwater lines.My electric eel (ridgid machine) is just no good at clearing the 90mm stormwater lines.
        I need some information on High pressure water cleaners. Are they better then the conventional sewer machines, if so which ones are worth looking at and roughly what is the cost to set up for maintenance work.

        It would be greetly appreciated if someone could some or all of the above.

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          How big is 90mm in inches/feet? Jetters are made for clearing storm drains, attempting to clear a pipe full of cans, trash, dirt, sticks, glass, roots, etc., with a cable could well be hopeless.

          Jetters come in all sizes with corresponding price tags. Entry level is about $4000, top of the line is $30,000. Anything costing less than about $15,000 would not be able to handle very large pipe size. A jetter will very effectively compliment an established drain business and it’s easy to build a maint business around your jetter. If you can afford a Harben they are generally considered to be the top of the line. Lane.

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