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        I have a well and pressure tank, when my pump fills my pressure tank I have a loss of water or pressure within 90 seconds and the pump runs again. I have closed the valves on the water heater and the valve at the pressure tank. I still have the same 90 seconds or so cycle. Any suggestions?

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        Avatar photomteek

          Sounds like the bladder in your tank is shot. Time for a new tank. Check out Wel Trol, they’re supposed to be the best.

          For a temporary fix, drain the tank completely than let it fill back up. It should help until you get the new tank.

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          Avatar photobig brett

            you may also have a defective check or foot valve on the suction line regards brett apar pumps 02-92115953

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            Avatar photohj

              Depress the air valve stem. If water comes out, you have a defective tank. Otherwise you shuld be able to repressurize it. In any case pressurizing it with water in the system will get you by until a new tank can be installed.

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