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        we do not have a septic tank…as far as i know, i am quite sure…we have a septic pump that sends stuff
        directly into a drainfield. we have not had any problems except for needing a new pump last year (it gave out). i am
        afraid we might have purchased a regular effluent pump and not a grinder pump. the plumber assured us it was the right
        one, but the box said effluent.

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          It’s a matter of proper terms. Influent is the name of the suction water. Effluent is the name of the discharge water.
          A Grinder pump is a style of pump that takes large pieces and breaks them up. It can be called an effluent pump.

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            If you do not have a septic tank then you are going to have more problems than a bad pump.The purpose of a septic tank is to decompose solid material and also contain grease and other materials until they are also decomposed or removed manually. If this does not happen in a septic tank, which is full of water and decomposing bacteria, then the various items will go into the field and accumulate, since there is not the proper medium for decomposition there. This being said, the effluent pump should just be pumping an essentially clear liquid into the field. A grinder pump, or ejector pump, would be used on the line between the house and the septic tank to pump the sewage, or influent, into the tank. The two types of pumps can be interchanged, if the type of material they are pumping is similar. An effluent pump, could be used as an influent pump if it were connected to a drainage system that did not have any toilets on it. An ejector pump coudld pump effluent, even though it should not have any solids if the septic tank is functioning properly. The greatest difference between the two, besides the ability to grind and pump moderately sized solids is the amount of water and the height the water can be pumped. Ejector pumps are limited in both categories due to their specialized purpose. You would have to determine how your system is designed and, therefore, which type of pump is necessary.

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