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      My sump pump will run fine for about 10 drains then when the float moves up on the next cycle, it will make contact and the motor sounds as though it kicks on but the water doesn’t drain out. The motor continues to sound as though it is running but the water remains. Any thoughts?

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      big brett

      there is a good chance the float is faulty or the relay from the float to motor is old is the pump? brand ? regards brett apar pumps 02-92115953

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      Our sump pump for the basement bathroom quit working a while ago. It started out as slow draining, resulted from the slow reaction of the pump, and it happend only when we used shampoo that created so much suds, if that was anything. Then one day, it stopped pumping. We assumed that the switch was the problem and replaced it with a new “SJE PUMPMASTER PUMP SWITCH”. It worked great for a while, and then after about 10 times, the same thing happened again. I could hear the water and pump running but water stayed in the shower floor though the switch was on. I disconnected the line, slept on it and connected again next morning, and the switch stopped the pump again. Now after two days, the water remains and not draining at all. When I connect the line, it makes humming sound until it trips the breaker. Is it a bad switch? Clogging? Or a bad pump? Please help!!

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      big brett

      sounds like there could be water in the motor causing the pump to work intermittingly how old is the pump?? regards brett apar pumps p/l 02-92115953 ps there could also be hair and common shower waste caught up around the impeller

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      I very seldom use a “sump pump” you maybe better off using a sewerage ejector. About your problem I would check the Check valve operation AND make sure that 1/8th inch hole used to break the vacuum is not blocked up with sediment.

      Check the screen by the impeller AFTER UNPLUGGING the bloody thing.

      You should also check the impeller to make sure it is not partically blocked with hair or other debris..
      You could also use clean hot water (not too hot as most pumps have thermo over load protection) and flush the lines several times.

      Most people unfortuntly install these cheap pumps and never bother to service them until a problem arises. Install and forget is the name of the game. Have a great one.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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