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        I am having low water pressure in my kitchen sink. The other faucets, showers, etc are fine. It is affecting only the sink, both
        hot and cold water.

        If I start with one temperature water, then turn on the other, there
        is no noticeable increase in the
        pressure. We have a sprayer attached, and that seems to be working fine. But I don’t know if that would be normal, considering how
        apparent water pressure increases when
        you put your finger over a hose.

        I’m not certain what type of piping
        I have.

        Any help would be appreciated.


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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Joe take off your aerator and clean it then reinstall and your back in business


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          Avatar photoGuest

            I’m having the same problem with my bathroom sink. And all I get is hot water, not cold, unless I turn the hot water off at the wall. Could the faucet itself have gone bad? Where the water mixes?

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            Avatar photojoefoleyplano

              OK, I forgot to mention that part
              <sheepish grin>. I remove the
              aerator the water pressure withOUT
              it is roughly the same. Also,
              no change if I start with one temp
              and add the other.


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              Avatar photoArt_xyz

                Sometimes the diverter for the hand held sprayer will clog up and cause poor preasure out the spout but not affect the preasure at the sprayer. The diverter is located at the base of the spout. To be sure the problem is just in the faucet, you can turn off the supply stops, take the stem out of the H or C side, hold a cup over it to divert the water into the sink, open the supply stop and see how your preasure is. If your preasure is good here you know the problem is somewhere in your faucet.

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                Avatar photodaveroconn

                  If you turn the sprayer on does the water divert from the faucet to the sprayer? Or does it continue to run out of the faucet and sprayer at the same time? If the latter is correct the diverter inside your faucet is bad and should be cleaned/repaired/ replaced.

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