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      We have a sewer type smell in one section of our basement that comes and goes. We have a very cold winter and do not smell it at all until spring, it comes and goes through summer & fall then dissapears through winter. Plumbers we spoke with thought that where our drain tile hooked in with our sewer there was no ptrap and therefore smells from our sewer line were going back through the drain tile and then entering the home through wall cracks. We have since replaced some drain tile and hooked it to the sewer properly. We are now getting the same smell back but in a slightly different place than before. We do not have any sewer lines in this area of our house. We are baffled as to where this smell could be coming from. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. It sometimes seems worse after doing laundry or rainfall but this isn’t always the pattern.

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      I had a similar problem with a system using a septic tank. I eventually found that I had a minor leak in the line to the tank that was causing the problem. The bad joint didn’t affect everyday usage, but allowed some wastewater to leach back to the house and through the block, causing an odor. This problem was somewhat seasonal and definitely was affected by water usage. Perhaps you could snake your line, or have a camera inspection done to pinpoint any similar problem.

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      Fill you floor drain with water. If the trap dries out like it does on first floor in California, the stink comes through. Just pour water down you floor drain.

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      The odors may be a backup of gases from your septic tank, if you are on one. If this is the case, this problem can be easily and cost effectively solved by the use of Bacteria Concepts’ SEPTI-MATE and SEPTI-SHOCK.

      When used on a regular basis, these products help to greatly reduce or
      eliminate bad odors from the septic tank, slows down the sludge build-up
      process, maintains proper biological activity of the septic tank and where
      applicable, keeps leach fields free-flowing. Thus, the source of the problem
      is targeted.

      If the odors are caused by organic waste build-ups in the drain pipes, you
      can use Bacteria Concepts’ DB-X100 on a regular basis to keep drain
      free-flowing and choke free. Since the live bacteria in DB-X100 degrade the
      organics in the pipes, the source of bad odors is also removed. For regular
      maintenance, a dosage of about 2 – 4oz. (60 – 120ml) needs to be applied
      into affected drain pipes, two to three times a week.

      We encourage you to contact us to order some product as a cost effective
      means to solve the problem.

      You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use the product to
      solve any problems you may be facing.

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      problem. The blend is synergistic, which means that all strains are
      compatible with each other and compliment each others activity. The strains
      are chosen to be highly resistant to disinfectants, sanitizers, and to hot
      water. This feature permits their use in any normal home, commercial or
      industrial environment without imposing undo restrictions on accepted
      methods or on personnel. All bacteria strains used are non-pathogenic (i.e.
      they do not cause disease) and thus, will not harm humans and pets.

      Bacteria Concepts products are non-toxic, biodegradable and hence,
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