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      We are buying a repossessed house that was built in 1965, and are having trouble finding any records on the house pertaining to the septic system. We heard that it was a sand and gravel septic system. Is that bad? Is it costly to replace? The property consists of one acre and is all flat, but so far,we have been unable to locate the septic system. It is draining very slowly, but we didn’t know if that was an indication of trouble or if it could be because the house has sat empty for 4 months. If you have any info, I would greatly appreciate it.

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      Normally the septic tank will be about 15 feet from the house in line with the bathrooms. A pipe locating company can find it very easily for their minimum fee, but the cost will depend on your area and how they bill for heir time.

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      In order to quickly start-up the biological activity in the septic tank again, you can use Bacteria Concepts’ SEPTI-MATE and SEPTI-SHOCK.

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      If the natural filtration system of your septic tank is obstructed by organic waste build-ups, the bacteria in SEPTI-MATE and SEPTI-SHOCK help to degrade and loosen the waste, thus revitalizing the natural filtration effect of the sand gravel system.

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