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        My sewer lines are currently draining very, very slow as if there is a partial blockage. I had them cleaned two days ago and no block was detected. I was told that the fluctuating temps this winter, along with little snow, has probably caused some heavage in the sewer lines (they are cast iron). Now I can’t run a load of laundry without some of the water coming back up the drain and if I have a bath it also comes up the drain and the downstairs toilet and shower.

        This happened 3 winters ago and despite cleaning the lines my basement flooded out with sewage during the first big thaw ($6000 worth of damage). I had the lines cameraed which is how I know they are cast iron.

        Any ideas on what to do to get the lines running better and to prevent another flood come spring? I have been told to run a tub full of water early morning and late night each day but that is not helping. I have also been told to replace the lines because they must be at the frost level or to replace at the connection to the city since they might be heaving at that point.

        I don’t want another flood and don’t have money to replace lines. Any ideas!


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          one idea tht comes to mind is that you have some snake oil salesmen working on it. A cast iron line is not going to “frost line heave” without breaking. And if it did, it would have to have several major heaves, some up and some down to cause those problems. I am not sure what the problem is, or what the video camera found, but if there were heaves, the camera would have found several “lakes” where the water was accumulating.

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