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        I would like to know (or how I can find out) what the standard was for determining the number and size of downpipes on domestic dwellings in 1995

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        Avatar photoGuest

          Uniform Plumbing Code covers gutters. You might go to a public library and see if they have an older copy of the UPC.

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          Avatar photoMossy

            Downpipe sizes and number has always been a grey area. The standard gutter for cottages is 125mm wide. The ave size of a downpipe is 100 50 mm. It is generally accepted a 110 50 downpipe will carry the water off 70 m2 of roof. Work out m2 of roof area , divide by 70 = no. of dp’s needed.
            Australian Standard HB39 – 1992 has some info eg. the cross section of a downpipe should be 1/2 the cross section of the gutter. But nothing on how many needed.
            The newer code AS3500 has some info but it was not included in 1995.


        Viewing 2 reply threads
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