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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        we have been told we need to replace our sewer line going from the house to the city

        how can we tell if this is correct? we are currently dealing with reddi rooter and have been
        nickled and dimed to death and only received 1 quote. however, we were told by one person that
        the cost would be $3500, another person told us $2500, now its up to $4000 and we have laid out
        almost $1000 and we haven’t signed a contract yet.

        we need some help in locating a responsible and honest person who does this kind of work.

        we don’t have a lot of money to fix this problem and we are going to have to deal with two
        neighbors because of the shape of our yard if replacing the line is really what will solve the

        can you give us some help?


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        Avatar photoGuest

          You COULD have the line ‘scoped’ (fiber optic camera), While not cheap it might be worth the insurance to make sure it really is a problem that has to be dug up.

          Ask neighbors if they know what type of pipe is common to the area. If it is ‘Orangeburg’ pipe, spend the money to replace it now. If otherwise, depends on how old it is and what kind of problem RR says it has.

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          Avatar photoLane

            Ryan: I’m uncomfortable with several of your comments and need more info in order to help.

            1. Explain how you’re out $1000 before any repair work done. Having your sewerline snaked a few times would not cost but a fraction of that amount, why so much?

            2. It’s incredibly rare to ever need to replace entire sewerline. Perhaps you meant to say they wanted to dig up and repair a portion of line where roots have intruded?

            3. What area of U.S. do you live? How old is house? What is sewerline made of? Clay, ABS, other? How far does pipe run from house to main?

            Send me some info and I can talk you thru this and, most likely, save you $$$$, at the least help you make a more informed decision. There is sooooo much deception and outright dishonesty in this field that you should proceed slowly.

            $4000 sounds completely out of line depending on lay-of-land, I’d be glad to help you make an intelligent choice and save money. Send me email at [email protected] or post reply here. Lane at Pacific Drain Service

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Try to keep away from FRANCHISES and stick with a local master plumber.
              The best advice is to get your sewer video inspected prior to any work This way you know if it can be repaired or you need a total replacement. good luck Sylvan


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              Avatar photokenny b

                True words of wisdom from a Master.

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