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      K Williams

      Boiler is mounted high level {4 inch of celing).
      Signs of expansion vessal failure are apparent ie 2.7 bar at 60 degrees/ 1 bar when cold.
      Signs of leaking are apparent on underside of heating vessal (on right) and drips from underneath boiler when hot.
      How can i gain access to the shraeder valve which i presume is on top of the vessal to inspect whether this is source of leak?
      Is this boiler off the wall job to inspect or change?
      I have no boiler instructions and can not find any!
      Is there any thing stopping me from installing a new vessal close to boiler on the return and do you think this will stop the leak as i presume it is pressure not temperature causing the leak.
      i dont want to go to out of my depth as this combi looks as complicated as they come and i have no instructions and im an installer not a break down engineer!
      the boiler operates correctly in all modes!
      is this a common fault the shraeder vavle leaking meaning the diapham inside split ?
      should the valve still not be water tight untill depressed?
      if my diagnosis is correct whats the best course of action?
      if im way out on my diagnosis can u point me in the right direction ?
      the customer is moving out and new boiler is kind of out the question!

      thanks guys

      in need of knowledge engineer

Viewing 0 reply threads
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