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        I have a Junkers Hot water system and the pilot light goes out. I have no idea how to turn the pilot light on again. My family needs hot water and there are not help available till tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone can please help me with info on how to light the pilot light. Please email me at sinkean.lim@gmail.com so I can send anyone who can help the photo of the hot water system. Thanks

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          The pilot goes out huh, this can be caused by a few things, namely the pilot burner is restricted or blocked not allowing sufficient gas to flow through to the small burner, the thermocouple is weak and in need of replacement.
          If this problem is a continuing thing then you should get a Bosch/Junkers serviceperson in your area to attend to it unless you want to have to keep lighting the pilot light all the time, until it gets to the point where it will not light at all, then you will need a serviceperson.
          Email me if you want.

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          Avatar photoPissPoorPilotLight

            Thanks in advance for advice…Have Junkers w 250 on LPG. This system I have never seen working or do not know of it working. In situ in shed when I bought property. Solar panel has gone belly up so looking for another source of hot water. Heater has pilot light, but very small & I think not big enough to heat the thermocouple, appears to not be hitting it with the flame…Have blown out the gas pipe to the regulator bottle with the compressor, from the hole with the sponge filter etc & undid the screw near this for this to happen. Undid & checked the pilot pipe and nozzle. This is dirt free. So I am thinking the amount of gas in the bottle or something else?? Gas bottle is low, I know that but has plenty of blast out of the bottle. Gas per air mixture maybe? There appears to be nothing to ramp up the pilot flame?? Any ideas? Have not swopped bottle yet as on my own with big trip for bottle up 45 deg hill…

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            Avatar photoSelgas

              If the pilot jey is clear and dirt free and, the the flame is too small to hold the thermocouple I would be looking hard at the Gas Bottle Regulator set for a possible change, given you haveblasted out the gas lines from the appliance to the bottle regulator so there are no restrictions within the pipework – all that is left is the possiblility that the bottle twin change has faulted and is not providing sufficient pressure and volume to the water heater.

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                I have an old Junkers Hot Water System and recently a problem has developed…I hop in the shower, turn on the hot and cold water to have a nice shower. Then the temperature constantly changes! It drops so I use more hot, then it rises so I use more cold. I have to do this the whole time constantly and I frequently get burned from the hot water. The only thing I remember changing is the shower head to a “water saver”. I live with other residents who may have changed the system setting. The problem isn’t apparent in other areas of the house. The hot water system and shower is upstairs. The kitchen and laundry are downstairs. What should I do?

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                Avatar photoSelgas

                  Have a service person come and adjust the water flow control valve to ensure the heater does not try and overheat when very low hot water flows are being used – such as the cursed “water saver” shower roses cause. When the service person does the adjustment they will also check and reset the operating gas pressure to assist as well.

                  OR………you could refit your old shower rose and the problem will more than likely disapear was well!!!!!

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