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        I have a valliant sealed system gas boiler which slowly loses pressure after topping it up from the mains supply (takes about 15 mins to lose 1 bar of pressure).
        There seems to be a lot of air in the system as most radiators have to be bled after topping it up.
        even after bleeding them, the pressure still slowly drops
        There does not seem to be any leaks anywhere (no water coming through ceiling etc) and no water coming out if the overflow pipe.
        Can’t see bolier model on it anyware buts is 10+years old and is either a VC112e / 182e / 242e.
        Help ……..

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          For the system to lose pressure there has to be a leak of some sort within the presurised portion of the installation – there is no other alternative, especially if you have to bleed air out as well – for air to get into a closed system there has to be a source. Check all your valves etc, if that fails then call in an expert to test and locate the leak for you.

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