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        l have a junker w/125 we have installed it in a motor home works fine to the kitchen sink on mains pressure but when we try to use the shower it’s 12 the pressure l can run hot water but as soon as we put cold water to it extra water dosn’t come out & the flame goes out back to pilote only also the hot water service is at the back of shower

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          Sure sounds to me like you have a problem with the shower mixer and because I do not know what kind or brand you have installed it is difficult for me to advise you further. Is the mixer a mains pressure, equal low pressure or a mains cold and low pressure hot ( unequal pressure)??? The worng one installed would sure create the problem you are having as would a crossed pipe connection or an incorrect restrictor fitted in the shower mixer.
          As you can see there are many likely causes for your problem can you give more details??

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          Avatar photoGuest

            I have a Rinnai 24.
            I’ve replaced my gas bottles.
            The unit doesn’t seem to be able to sustain the flame for more than a minute.
            yes I have a mixer but I turn it into the full hot water position.
            To ignite it I lift the water lever just enough for the unit to start up. It seem to heat the water up for a while then the flame goes out again.
            I do this several times, then just when I think it can deliver more hot water, I increase the flow and the unit flames out again.
            There is a POT in the control unit that I adjusted. It seems to work before but now it doesn’t.
            Any help?


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            Avatar photoSelgas

              You say there is a “POT” in the control unit do you mean inside the Rinnai water heater or in another place, if it is in the water heater on the PCB Board and you have tweeked with that setting then for sure you have sucessfully stuffed up the gas pressure settings which would if incorrectly set cause the water heater to shut down if the water flow through it was too low and the gas rate was set too high. The water heater requires a minimum of 3.5 litres of water per minute to flow through it for the computer to calculate the flame hight or energy required to heat it to the set temperature – a flow below this rate would make the heater turn on then off all the time, an incorrect setting in the “POT” would in effect have he same result or, even worse overgas the heater causing it to run “rich” and eventually destruct itself.
              If you have “tweeked” with the POT in the heater computer then I am sorry but I will not instruct you further on how to correct it in the name of safety except to say you will need the services of a Rinnai Service Agent to set the heater up again – there is no alternative if this is the case.
              The switch levers and the POT in the computer are there to be used only to set up the machine to the correct gas type, energy and temperature required – each and or a combination of all can effect what you have advised.

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