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      Have purchased 3 houses in country WA on bottled gas. Each time we have different opinions on where the cylinders should be placed as windows and doors are often within 30 cm of the cylinders. Is there somewhere we can check out the legal requirements. Oh! the houses are appox. 30yrs old. Also where should outdoor hot water system be placed these are in alcoves approx 4ft square. THANKs

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      It usually depends on the size of the tank or tanks that reglate how far they must be located from a window or building structure.

      Your local gas supplier should have the tank placement regulations or the local fire department inspector should also be able to tell you.

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      For LPG installations in Australia all LPG cylinders installations that use two manifolded 45kg cylinders are covered as far as clearances, placement and securing methods under AS5601 and AG601 which are the Australian Standards for Gas Installations. Specifically Appendix “J” within the code refers to clearances and accepted locations. The Craftsman Gasfitter who installs/installed the appliances and set them up would be required to certify the installation for compliance within the code to ensure you are covered for insurances etc.
      This code was produced by the Australian Gas Association in association with other relevant organisations and every Craftsman/Registered Gasfitter will have a copy – so your best solution is to obtain the services of one of these folks in your area and they can put you right.

      Selgas Services Ltd
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      Now onto the next issue the water heaters. In order to give you the fact we need to know a few more details such as : are they gas operated units?, are they cylinders if so what make and model as manufactures have differing specifications as to installation clearances etc, are they Instantaneous models – if so what make and model as again installations can differ between manufactures.
      Please advise or send me a picture of the installation.

      Selgas Services Ltd
      Craftsman Gasfitters, Plumbers, Electrical Service Technicians

Viewing 3 reply threads
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