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        Hello there.
        I have just moved to the country and have not been able to find anyone who can come out and assist me with my water heater.
        The pilot light has gone out and I don’t know how to relight it. It has an electric start button which seems to be functioning perfectly but the red button (which I think needs to be depressed in order to light the pilot) seems to be snagging on the ‘Off-Pilot-On’ knob and won’t push down all the way.
        I’m really not at all sure what I need to do, so any input would be greatly appreciated as I am dying to have a nice hot shower!!
        Thanking you…

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        Avatar photoSelgas

          Hi there – this aughta help you. To relight the water heater you need to turn the small knob next to the red button so the word Pilot is facing the front, this will allow you to depress and hold the red button down to let gas go to the pilot burner. While holding down the red button strike the spark lighter a few times then once you have the pilot light burning continue to hold down the red button for approx 20 – 25 seconds, slowly release it and check that the pilot light is still burning and if it is then turn the small knob around so “on” is facing the front the main gas burner should then light up and you can control the temperature by turning the temp dial ( the big one in the front of the control ) to whatever heat setting you like.

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