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      Jason Martin Byrne

      I am a first time home buyer that needs info on something that could potentially harm my family. My engineer that looked at the hous said that the flexible copper piping used to connect the propane tanks to the gas stoves is “unacceptable”. I cannot get a straight answer from anyone about the legality if it, but I know it could be a hazard. I have heard of explosions due to this type of piping for gas. Any info, specific codes, or legality on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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      Ask your local Plumbing/Gasfitting Inspector to check out the installation and give you his opinion on it. Your Engineer may be commmenting on anything really even the way in which the pipework has been installed rather than the copper pipe itself. Have the proper inspector check it out for you and advise you accordingly.

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      Copper is used frequently on propane. Did your engineer say why the gas line was unacceptable? You could contact the propane company.

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