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      just replaced thermo coupler, now cannot get pilot lite to liteppears to be no gas…what could the problem be.

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      Follow all the instructions for lighting?

      Turn the water heater gas valve to pilot, push down the red button, place an open flame close to the pilot and it should light.

      Sometimes people don’t always get everthing lined-up corrctly or the darn pilot lit is just hard to light.

      On hard to light pilots I use my plumbers torch with a large cold flame to get where needed, applying for only a very short time. If you use this method be very careful not to have raw gas spilling out of the burner if you over heat the pilot.

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      Thanks but we did everything right, guess we need to take it out again and see if there is some problem with the gas, hope my husband knows what he’s doing there.

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      Your last post confirmed to that is time to call a licensed plumber or heating contractor or you might have to pay a price that no one wants to see.

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      Plumbill is right call a qualified serviceman to check it out – could simply be a blocked pilot injector then again it may be a little more serious than that – now’s the time to call in the experts. Remember gas in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

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Viewing 4 reply threads
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