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        After a gas supply interuption, I have not been able to relight the Pilot light. that is to say after replacing the thermo coupler I have a good flame , yet when I release the red button , I lose the pilot light. I have accessed the flame valve. And sought to remedy the problem by accessing the Gas control, by removing the plate and cleaning it out. Any Ideas ?

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          You say that after you replaced the thermocouple lead you had a good pilot flame??? that simply does not make sense as the thermocouple has nothing whatsoever to do with the pilot flame except to keep it operating when the themovalve button is released after 20 seconds or so. Your problem is either one of four things (1) a faulty themocouple lead, (2) a thermocouple lead that is not properly fitted and engulfed in the pilot flame, (3) a faulty magnetic valve in the gas control, (4) a part blocked pilot burner. I think the problem you may have there is likely to be either 2 or 4 from your description.

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