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        HI Experts

        the pilot going out in the gas heater

        it used to go out evey month
        then is started to go out every week
        then it was going out everyday
        now when i light it , it goes out after 2 , 3 minutes

        is it a thermal couple or do i have to change the pilot
        it is an old heater.

        thank you !

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        Avatar photoPLUMBILL

          I would replace the thermal couple, but first check to see if the flame is hitting it correctly and procucing the right amount of millivolts.

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          Avatar photoSelgas

            Given the start of the problem you explained I would be heading for a partically blocked pilot light which is slowly getting worse – a poor flame length on the thermocouple will cause the pilot light to drop out and given that the pilot is going and will stay alight once you have lit it I would look to the pilot burner first.

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        Viewing 2 reply threads
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