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        A week ago I installed an electric 40 gal. tank. After installation, I checked all faucets for running water, all were fine and in working order after the air was purged from the system. Now, the bathroom hot water faucet is a drizzle (cold is full pressure) as if something is stuck in the pipes. The washer, which may share the same line is also a trickle on hot water cycle. All other faucets are working fine.

        I did use someone’s tip on soaking up existing water in the copper pipe before sweating joints etc.. I put a piece of bread in to soak up excess.

        When job was completed, I did experience a blockage at the kitchen sink when air was depleted and water force was present. I pulled off the aerator and cleaned the “bread” out and it worked fine. Now what?

        Thanks in advance.

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          Sounds like you have somthing stuck at the angle stop supply valves. Take them apart and inspect. If they are old you should replace them at this time.

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          Avatar photoPolybutylene.com

            You may have a defective dip tube and could qualify for a free replacement.
            A dip tube is a plastic tube in your water heater that brings the cold water into the bottom of the heater. The dip tube is designed to prevent incoming cold water from mixing with existing hot water.

            Some of the dip tubes manufactured by Perfection Corporation and supplied to most major water heater manufacturers between August, 1993 and October, 1996 were made of plastic and are now disintegrating.

            FOR MORE DIP TUBE INFORMATION VISIT: http://www.911plumbing.com

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              You should disconnect your hot washer hose at the hose bib and at the machine inlet. You will find a screen inside the washer inlet which should be cleaned and you MAY also find one in the washer hose. When done you can connect the hose back up to the hose bib with other end stuck inside the wash tub, turn the water on and see if you have good preasure.

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