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      We have an old Junkers Gas hot water unit. It has been working well, this morning all of the sudden, the water was not getting heated much at all, and now not at all.

      Initially the gas would still flow as the tap was turned, but not as much as it used to. Now the pilot light is on, but no additional gas flow when tap is opened. I have tried to adjust one of the valves, but no good.

      Is this a common problem with a simple fix, or is it best to call a plumber? Thanks.

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      From your description of the fault I suspect the diaphram in the water body valve section has ruptured – not a big job to replace it but it should be done by a service agent as the gas valve spindle that it feeds would have to be repacked and greased as well. Ring Robert Bosch Pty Limited and ask for their service agent in your area.

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