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        I recently purchased and installed a new new shower head. It has a 1.5m hose and 5 diferent spray patterns. It is AAA rated. Now, during showers, the water changes by itself to either boiling hot or freezing cold. It happens unprovoked, ie no other tapd in the house are running. I have a Bosch Water Wizard 600 Continuous Flow Hot Water System and there were no such problems with the old, single spray pattern shower head. Any ideas?

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          You can’t have a watersaving shower head and a water saving HWS, there isnt enough water passing through the heater to activate it.
          change the shr head to a normal head.

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          Avatar photoSelgas


            Your answer is right on the money the Bosch water heater requires a continual flow 3 – 4 litres/minute of pure hot water to be able to control the temperature at a stable setting. Too often folks fit restrctive devices to these type of water heaters and simply cannot figure out what has happened.
            Once again well answered by Aussie friend!!

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              Think I’ll stick to the “old fashioned”.

              What I love (hate actually) are the new “water saving” toilets that are being pushed down everyone’s throats here in the states. Simply put, they don’t work. Not enough water volume to make a good flush, leaving people many times with plugged up toilets. Great for the sewer and drain guys, horrible on home owners. Since they are actually not even able to be found anymore due to ridiculous government regulations, many folks are actually “smuggling” in toilets from Canada with larger tanks!

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