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        Friends, I have a tub surround (35 yr old house) that is tile up to about shoulder height, drywall and paint on up. Some time after construction a previous owner added a handheld shower head, with bracket to hang it on the wall, but no other wall preparation. As a result he drywall and paint at the top of the tile are mildewing and separating. Can I extend new tile to the level of the showerhead? Will the drywall hold it, or must other wall preparation be made? Any other solutions to suggest? thanks, Mike

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          This of coarse would depend on how long you would like it to last and how much work are you willing to put into this problem. Drywall is not the greatest thing to put tile on. The best thing to use would be a concrete wall board bought at a home center but you will have to tear out the drywall above the tile to put it on. Also if you do this you will probably find that where the tile meets the painted wall it will be dificult do not disturb exitsing tile so where do you begin and where do you end. Once you start somthing like this you may end up tearing out the whole suround and redoing the whole thing at this point. Good luck

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            daverro is right. if you want a cheap- easy- quick fix glue some masonite above the tile. i wouldnt do this in my own home. i would budget the cement board and new tile, you’ll be PROUD of yourself when your done! (make sure your tub and shower valves are in good shape, if not replace while wall is out, it may sound like alot but think of it this way… it’s your home, take pride in it and treat it well, home equity pays back much higher than a bank does.

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